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Meeting of the General Assembly of the Asian Youth Council i


On April 13 Chairperson of the National Youth Council of Russia Petushkov G. attended a meeting of the General Assembly of the Asian Youth Council in Siem Reap (Kingdom of Cambodia). The topical issues of the agenda were discussed and all representatives heard the reports of the countries on their National Youth Policy current situation. Petushkov G. made a report representing contemporary situation in Russia, which sounded at the meeting for the first time and aroused genuine interest.
The Asian Youth Council is an influential youth organization, created in 1972, representing the interests of the youth of the region and uniting representatives of 20 countries. The National Youth Council of Russia is an observer to the Asian Council, as well as a candidate for membership. In 2018 the General Assembly will be held in Russia and it is expected that within the framework of this event the National Youth Council of Russia will already participate as a full member of the organization.
The Russian delegation that visited the Kingdom of Cambodia also included representatives of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Youth Parliament under the State Duma, the Russian Union of Youth, the Young Guard of United Russia, etc. During the 4-day visit, Russian representatives took part in a number of events, including: the opening ceremony of the IYECF 2018 Festival; Forum IYECF: Peace and Development — Education and Cultural Diversity; a press conference chaired by the Minister of Education, Youth and Sport of Cambodia; a welcome reception organized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia.