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Statement of the World Federation of Democratic Youth on the situation in Syria


In light of the missile strikes on Syrian Arab Republic carried out by the coalition of the United States, France and the United Kingdom on April 14, 2018, and running counter to all existing principles and norms of international law, the international organizer of the World Festival of Youth and Students, the World Federation of Democratic Youth, issued a statement, addressing their affiliates around the world. The statement condemns this act of aggression and stresses that such actions block the opportunity for the United Nations to conduct an objective investigation and identify the true perpetrators of what happened in Eastern Ghouta, and also notes that the level of a new global war threat has reached its critical level today. «Obviously, the decision to bomb Syria is a direct violation not only of international law, but also of the UN Charter,» stated in the release distributed among WFDY member organizations. Therefore, the World Federation of Democratic Youth announces the period from April 15 to 22 as the week of demonstrations against the war and invasion of Syria and calls on affiliates and partner organizations around the world to join this action. «We urge our affiliates to join the peace movements and go to demonstrations in their countries for peace and against imperialism. We call upon all the progressive youth in the world to show their solidarity with the people of Syria, which has suffered from imperialism since 2011», the statement says.