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The National Council was established on the initiative of 8 youth organizations on January 10 in 1992. National Council Formation was supported in the Decree of Russian Federation President №1075 from September 16, 1992 «On urgent measures for the development of youth policy in the Russian Federation.»

The National Council registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on 21 August 1992, has been developing together with the country and ideas of youth policy in Russia. National Youth Council of Russia contains more than 60 youth organizations — all-Russian inter-regional public children and youth organization, regional associations (round tables) of youth and children associations. Thus, the National Council is the most representative body of youth and children’s organizations in the Russian Federation domestically and abroad.

Members of the Association are legal entities that on the territory of its activities are all-Russia and interregional public associations, regional associations (unions) of youth and children’s organizations, regional social movements and organizations, which include youth and children’s public associations, international youth and children’s public associations registered in the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as other socially oriented associations, supporting children and young people in Russia.

The main objective of the National Council is to unite the efforts of the youth, children and other Russian NGOs for the successful implementation of community-oriented activities to promote the full and effective implementation of the constitutional rights and freedoms of children and young people in Russia.

The Mission of the National Council: “Combining the efforts of youth and public children’s organizations for responsible and constructive participation in the development of Russia”.

To fulfill this mission, the National Council:

— unites those who voluntarily serve the youth of Russia, those who consider service to the people and the fatherland his vocation, his profession, his duty and the meaning of life;

— cooperates with the youth, children and other public associations of the various «corners» of Russia and of the world; with organizations that bring together children and young people promotes their socialization and development, cares about them and protect their interests; with those who speak a single, international language of friendship, peace and harmony;

— participates in the national youth policy development, actively cooperates with the state and society, as a reliable partner in the implementation of socio-economic strategy of country development, in improving the quality Russians lifestyle and in the preservation of national and cultural unity of the peoples of the Russian Federation;

— exploring the world’s best practices in the field of youth policy, youth work, intercultural dialogue and other areas for the purpose of its analysis and the possibility of applying within the country;

— creates a positive image of Russian youth abroad and broadcast the traditional Russian values.

The main principles of the National Council work are:

— voluntary participation in the work of the National Council;

— non-interference in the internal affairs of members of the National Council;

— co-operation on issues of mutual interest;

— equal and equitable representation;

— non-participation in the discussion of issues that are contrary to the provisions of the Charter of members of the National Council.