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International Youth Camp «Dialogue»


The IYC Dialogue has been held since 2009in the Kaluga region based on the Cultural and Educational Center «ETNOMIR».

The IYC «Dialogue» is a Russian leading educational platform on topical issues to construct and promote intercultural dialogue, as well as to interact with youth from Russia, the Member States of the European Cultural Convention and  Commonwealth of Independent States.

This project has been initiated by the National Council of Youth and Children’s Associations of Russia and is realized in conjunction with Russian public authorities. The IYC «Dialogue» has been an integral part of the action plan aimed to implement the Framework programme cooperation of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and the Council of Europe in the field of youth policy.

The purpose of the camp is to facilitate the participants’ recognition of the value of cultural diversity and promote the active role of youth in building intercultural dialogue in local communities.

Every year the camp gathers more than 250 participants among whom there are  representatives of youth and ethno-cultural organizations from different regions of the Russian Federation and participants from the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Council of Europe, who are actively involved in the implementation of international and interethnic youth projects.

In discussions on different topics, the participants of the camp have an excellent opportunity to convey their points of view to one another, to argue and explain them, to listen and understand co-social activities. In these dialogues the positions of the youth leaders converge, what is a favorable basis for joint activities.

A number of training events where the participants have an opportunity to exchange experience and share the best practices in the field of intercultural dialogue is held. They can also develop new local or federal projects for further joint implementation.

More about the programme:, +7 (495) 249-11-49 Olga Popova, head of the project, Deputy Chairman of the National Council of Youth and Children’s Associations of Russia.

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