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Albanian National Youth Network leads the efforts of youth to set their priorities to the new Law


Tirana, 27 June 2018 — The Albanian National Youth Network (ANYN), brings for the first time a complete package of youth priorities, which will serve as a basis for the drafting of the Youth Law in Albania.

 For this purpose, ANYN in cooperation with CRCA Albania, organised the second consultative meeting to discuss all the necessary legal aspects and set the priorities and key issues for young people, which should be addressed by this law.

 Young people from over 50 youth organizations, representatives of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Municipality of Tirana and Youth Alliance at City Council of Tirana, discussed among other issues employment, education, health services, conditions for the support of young NGO’s, social activism etc.

 The President of ANYN, Mrs. Ervjola Osmanaj, highlighted that ANYN’s goal is that the process of drafting the Law on Youth, is led by young people and guarantees their full participation and inputs. The deputy Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Mr. Shpat Kolgega, congratulating the initiative, promised that the Albanian National Youth Network will be part of the process.

Albania is one of the last countries in the region that does not have a youth law. ANYN and CRCA Albania, since 2017 have pressed the Government to start the process for the preparation and approval of the law. In meetings with members of the Parliament, officials of the Ministries and youth organizations, were identified priority issues to be addressed by the new law. The purpose of the law would be to further improve existing youth policies, establish an institutional mechanism for supporting young people, and fair distribution of youth services across Albania.