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Meet SDG 3 Youth Ambassador in Russia — 2020


David Davydov – SDG 3 Youth Ambassador in Russia: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

David graduated from the North Ossetian State Medical Academy (Vladikavkaz) and is currently pursuing a PhD in political science and regional studies at the North Ossetian State University. He is the founder and Chair of the «Alanya Paramed» first aid school, the author and presenter at the educational video blog «EasyMed». For a few years David had been working as a TV-host of a program on medical issues. However, in April 2020, amid COVID-19 pandemic he decided to resign from the television in order to help people in the COVID «red zone» and started working at the Republican Clinical Hospital of Vladikavkaz.

— Which global trends do you think will most affect our future?

— The biggest epidemiological reforms of the past 100 years have been long overdue and now we need to act decisively as never before. Previously, pandemics like today’s were thought to occur once a century, but the 25-40-year interval seems more realistic. The most effective way out of this situation would be an AI-based global monitoring system. Rapid analysis of a large volume of data on both the spread and diagnostics of new infections could reduce vaccine production from 12-18 months to 2-4 weeks. The technical basis for such a system is already in place, and the only thing left is to show political will.

— What would you advise the UN Secretary-General to do to address the global challenges?

— For the next five years, the United Nations will face a major organizational challenge of shrinking funding and weakening the organization’s impact. The current crisis will only accelerate the trend. I believe it is necessary to optimize the work of the organization and establish a massive transition to the blockchain and neural networks. This will reduce bureaucratic costs and make the work of the organization more efficient and transparent.