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Meet SDG Youth Ambassador 4 in Russia – 2020


Ruben Gazanchian – SDG4 Youth Ambassador in Russia: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Ruben was born in Essentuki, Stavropol region. He graduated from the Institute of International Relations of Pyatigorsk State University. At present he works as a project coordinator at Pyatigorsk State University.

Ruben is currently implementing a number of projects aimed at promoting SDG 4, such as opening a UNESCO Department at his university, designing a university course on the United Nations, etc.

– What kind of world do we want to create? What would your ideal world look like in 25 years – the UN 100th anniversary?

– Already today the UN statistics show the success of various national and international programmes in the field of the SDGs. Governmental bodies, business sector and NGOs make a huge contribution to the advancement of the 2030 Agenda. I have no doubt that through our joint efforts, the world will meet the year of the UN 100th anniversary with dignity. I dare to hope that it will be marked by improved quality of education at all levels. This will undoubtedly determine the success in other areas of society as well!

– What would you advise the UN Secretary-General to do to address the global challenges?

– As SDG 4 Youth Ambassador in Russia I see improving education everywhere as the key to addressing global challenges and threats. If every child in the world has the opportunity to go to school and acquire at least basic knowledge, it will take us one decade to take an unprecedented step to reduce inequality between people, eradicate hunger and reach a new level of development.