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National Youth Council of Russia marks 27th anniversary


Today we are celebrating our birthday! On January 10, 1992 the National Youth Council of Russia was founded on the initiative of 8 youth organizations. For 27 years it has been developing gradually under the wise management of several generations of leaders. Each step of our road was marked by enormous work, provided, first of all, by our member organizations — the basis of all our activities.

Together we unite those who voluntarily serve the youth of Russia and consider serving people and the Homeland as their vocation, their profession, their duty and meaning of life, we cooperate with youth and children’s public associations from different “corners” of Russia and the world, with those who speak the single, international language of friendship, peace and harmony.

We thank all those who stood at the origins, who are still with us, who support and help, who have become not just partners and colleagues, but real friends. There is one more intense and difficult year ahead and we sincerely wish all of us good luck, inspiration and new victories throughout it!