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Join to the International Students’ Day!


In ten days’ time, on the 17th of November, students from all over the world will stand together to celebrate the International Students’ Day!

OBESSU (Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions) has a very long history in defending school student rights and bringing forward initiatives that commemorate the struggles of many people for a free quality education. The international Students’ Day is one of these occasions!

Every year, the organizer identify a hot relevant topic for students all over the globe. This year, they intent to raise awareness on how economic costs related to education threaten the universal right to education.

For this reason,  Global Call for Action is launched. It is calling on decision-makers to abolish any costs related to education and to ensure full access to the right of education.

We invite you to sign the Global Call (via email at and help to disseminate it through your communication channels (social media, newsletter, emails). Last year around 40 national and international student and civil society organisations & networks signed the call and took part in the campaign!

To make our voices heard and to better spread the message, we ask you to use the following specific hashtag #GenerationFreeEducation and the general ones #17now and #InternationalStudentsDay.

You can share your ideas, projects and activities you are planning to develop on the International Students’ Day… we will help you to get international visibility!

Send an email at to co-sign the Global Call and take an active part in the campaign!