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III Brics Youth Summit has started in China


III Brics Youth Summit has started in Beijing, China. The participants are 50 young people (10 from each member-state). The Vice-Chairperson Aleksandr Bolotnov presents National Youth Council of Russia at the summit.

The first day of the summit included some dedicated sections:  youth policy key directions and character of the BRICS-countries; innovation and youth enterprise; the participation of the BRICS youth in the global governance.

Russian delegation shared its experience in cooperation between non-governmental organizations and public sector with foreign colleagues.

Aleksandr Bolotnov focused on support of the government to Russian youth non-commercial organizations in relation to realization of its projects. He also stressed that youth of BRICS have the opportunity to develop youth exchanges with Russia.

Later Russian delegation presented the region experience of our country in implementation of innovation policy to youth projects and its compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals. Russian participants presented their attitude towards the strategy of realization of youth enterprise.

In the frame of the Opening ceremony the Vice-President of All-China Youth Federation turned the participants’ attention to the necessity of enlargement of communication channels between young people from BRICS. The representative of the New Development Bank of BRICS also visited the Opening ceremony. He told the participants and the honor guests about the work of his structure aimed at the support of youth efforts.

Prior to the summit the Chinese party also prepared the panel discussion «Prospects for cooperation and youth participation in BRICS activities».

Today the delegates will join their efforts to hatch a common Plan of activities – the main document of the summit.