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The Black Sea Youth Forum


It has been held  since 2012, Moscow, Sochi, Sofia.

The main objective: to promote international youth cooperation, youth policy in the Black Sea region, to involve  youth in the socio-economic development of the region and to uphold the principles of construction of the world, taking into account international experience.

Target group: Leaders and activists from youth public organizations and the National Youth Council of the Black Sea region including the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, which are actively involved in the implementation of the projects relating to international youth cooperation, intercultural dialogue and social diplomacy.

The Black Youth Network, which was launched in 2012, today is a permanent informal association of National Youth Councils in the Black Sea region. This cooperation is built thanks to the implementation of the annual multilateral Black Sea Youth Forum in Russia and other countries of the regions as well as due to joint work  on other international platforms and forums.

More about the programme:, Lukyana Suvorova, Vice-Chairperson of National Youth Council of Russia,, Alexander Bolotnov, Coordinator of International Programs of the National Council.

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