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Seminar «Memory and lessons of World War II»


The project has been conducted since 2014 in Strasbourg, France.

Target Audience: 60 Russian leaders of non-profit organizations and other countries of the Council of Europe, members of scout teams, youth councils, volunteers, young researchers, historians and activists representing European and other countries such as Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany , Canada, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia.

The seminar, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, comprises a part of the Action Plan for 2014-2015, which is the part of the Framework Programme cooperation between the Council of Europe and the Russian Federation in the field of youth policy.

The seminar aims to promote a better common understanding of the causes, consequences and lessons of the Second World War as well as their influence on the formation of common European values — democracy, the rule of law and human rights. It’s also directed to engage young people into activities devoted to protection and promotion of intercultural dialogue for further mutual understanding.

The programme is based on the approaches of education in the field of human rights and civic education, adopted by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe. The elements of the programme include the exchange of experience and practices to preserve historical memory among the youth, group discussions, visits to memorable places in Strasbourg and its surrounding area, meetings with participants / witnesses of the Second World War. Under the programme  the participants will be invited to discuss how to preserve the memory of the theme and  integrate it in youth work. It will be asked to focus on the possible joint initiatives to implement these key points after the project.

More about the program: +7 (495) 249-11-49, the unit of the National Council.

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