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The program of the Festival of youth was announced in Colombo


On May 25-27 in Colombo, Sri-Lanka, the 3rd International Preparatory Meeting was held within the preparation of the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students.

These days at the event, the organizers of the meeting presented the draft program of the Festival. The WFYS 2017 agenda will include discussion and scientific-educational formats on the most pressing global issues. 13 themes became part of the discussion program: The future of science and global education; Designing the future: architecture and design; Future technologies; Ecology and health; The future of world culture; Aviation of the future; Global policy and peace: challenges of the future; Industries of the future; Energy for people without borders; Economics and development for the future; Global rail network: bringing the future closer; New Media (the Youth Media Center); The civil development platform.

One of the main goals of the Festival program will be joint development of the image of the future by young people from different countries of the world, formulation of answers to the most urgent challenges facing the generation. The program formats include educational events, for example, lectures, trainings, workshops, master classes, business games, design and foresight sessions, which will be held on the platform of the main Sochi Media Center. Lectures and meetings with key speakers will be open to all participants of the direction, and for further development of the projects, the international thematic teams will be created.

The sports program of the Festival is also diverse in its directions. Participants from all over the world will be asked to pass the GTO standards (the event will be held for the first time in this format), participate in ECO-race, take a one-week workout course, participate in interactive acrobatic rock and roll zones with experienced athletes and instructors and attend the rally marathon «Silk Way» to see the performances of the pilots of the world-famous team «Kamaz-master». In addition, the program includes open collective trainings, master classes, lectures, friendly matches and games. Among the objects of the Olympic Park under the sports program are the arena «Ice Cube», the track «Formula 1», the Adler Arena, the Ice Palace «Iceberg», the Sochi Medals Plaza and others.

Young filmmakers, artists and designers will be able to present the results of their works in different formats. So, it will be possible to become part of the first World Youth Symphony Orchestra, take part in the Festival of young film directors or create your own movie within WFYS 2017 in the special cinema lab, show the whole world your works of art or photos and participate for the first time in the cybersports competition. Music of five continents will sound at the platform of the Olympic Park – Asia, Europe, Australia, America and Africa, and each day of the Festival will be dedicated to one of the macro regions of the planet.