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The Future team!


All the communities of the Festival will become the single portal of the Future Team, a gathering point for young people from all over the world.

Communities are being transformed: here you can discuss important topics, initiate surveys and share world and local problems to discuss ways to solve them.
We are sure that here you will find your like-minded people — the same young and successful people from all over the world. We will tell about talented scientists, businessmen, public figures and all those mentors, an example of which will help in the realization of your ideas. Some of them came to the Festival, someone lives in your neighborhood! We plan to continue to work together not only in online formats. We will unite to achieve the goals, to improve the quality of life on the planet. The format of the work involves participation in iconic international events and the initiation of new events under the brand name Future Team.

Welcome to the global Future Team. Future starts here and now. Future is You!