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Interview by José Angel Maury de Toro, Secretary General of the WFDY


Members of the International Organizing Committee of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students represent all the National Preparatory Committees and several international organizations that for a year and a half have been preparing all the Festival events and proceedings.

We believe that we have everything to make this grand event happen, all the ingredients of success. It’s not just a festival for the sake of the festival. We need to work on its content. We must convey the message from the youth participating in the festival, talk about our present and our future. This message must run through all festival events.

The bottom line is that after the festival in Sochi the youth of the world must have a chance to convey this message further to their countries. We believe that it’s extremely important for young people to realize the importance of history, of growing and fighting for a better world.

When people talk about the festival of youth and students they mean real common ground for sharing experiences. Representatives of many countries with many different backgrounds will arrive to the WFYS2017, and it is important for young people to have an opportunity to influence the situation, whether it is policymaking, social life, culture, sports, science or environmental protection. People want to come to the festival to live through these amazing days. Definitely, they want to learn about Russia first hand, because we all know how global mass media manipulates the information nowadays. Therefore, it’s good that young people of the world will have an opportunity to get to know Russia, see what’s happening here with their own eyes. Sure, the festival will take them to Sochi, which is not Moscow and not all of Russia. However, we believe that it’s a great opportunity for the youth of the world to meet the young Russian people and share their experiences with them.

The main thing for me is the reinforcement of the fundamental message of the festival, the importance of history, and the opportunity to unite the progressive youth, which fights for its future opportunities and best possible development for all humanity.