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Day of youth in South Africa


Youth Day in South Africa is celebrated on June 16 every year. It was established in order to underline the role of youth in the liberation of South Africa from the Apartheid regime.On behalf of Russian youth organizations we greet the young people of the South Africa with this holiday. Youth of Russia and youth of Africa are connected with strong and reliable friendship. In 2017, on the eve of the World festival of youth and students, an agreement was signed between the National Youth Council of Russia and  the Pan-African Youth Union  (an organization uniting young people on the Entire African continent).

The agreement emphasizes the special role played by youth in shaping the agenda on the international arena, as well as the importance of the strengthening the international youth cooperation. According to the document, the parties agreed to develop multilateral and diversified cooperation, to promote the social integration of Russian and African region youth, to develop volunteer programs and exchange programs, to promote the dissemination of information on current issues of youth and negotiation of conceptual approaches to their solution; contribute to the strengthening of intercultural dialogue.